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About us

About Pasture Vibe

Pasture Vibe is a computer model that calculates pasture growth rate. Supplied with climate data supplied nightly by NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmosphere) Pasture Vibe can forecast up to 3 months of future daily pasture growth.

The model is very easy to set up. You only need to apply three inputs: your location, the type of farm (dairy or sheep and beef), and the sites fertility (high medium or low).

You will ask how can this be possible? Pasture growth is a complex response to the quality of soil and its fertility, the state of the pasture (the effect of existing pasture biomass), the level of soil moisture and the climate. We can access most of this information with no effort required from the farmer.

Try our working example
Rolling hills of paddocks, sectioned with wooden farm fence
Rolling hills, with cows in the distance

How accurate is Pasture Vibe?

At the heart of Pasture Vibe is the soil water balance. Pasture Vibe assesses your water balance from the daily climate data received from NIWA and the amount of water the model calculates is used up by evapotranspiration from the pasture.

You can improve forecasts by adding any measurements of growth rate estimates you make; for example, if you use Farmax, all historical Farmax pasture growth calculations will be used by a “learning algorithm” to improve predictions. The learning algorithm adjusts certain parameters within the model and tests whether these lead to greater accuracy. It may be that your soil holds less moisture than the default selected for your site (during setup). In this case the algorithm observes that when soil water holding capacity is adjusted downward, the model predictions align better with your historical measurements.

With the default setting you would chose during setup, we have determined the model has a moderately high accuracy (measured by the percentage of pasture growth rate the model can effectively explain) of R2=0.65, or in other words the model explains 65% of all variation in pasture growth from one period to the next. Where you have added historical growth rate data the learning algorithm uses this to improve accuracy to R2=0.75, a value considered high by statisticians.

Designed by

Graeme Ogle

Graeme has been involved in modelling farm systems for over 30 years. During the early 2000’s Graeme with a small team developed both Farmax and Overseer. Also developed by Graeme’s team were the Endeavour and Discovery farm mapping programmes.

Graeme has also provided farm management consulting for 35 years which became a powerful resource for testing the value of potential software solutions.

“Developing a successful software product for NZ farmers can only happen when solving the problem/opportunity is worthwhile, respects that farmers have little spare time and is practical. And, on that basis Pasture Vibe is the simplest to use software I have been a part of developing – the information it generates will really surprise people”

Paul Marshall

Paul is a senior programmer with the unparalleled success over a 36-year career developing models for farmers and consultants. Starting his career with the development of the worlds first commercial farm model, StockPol, an extraordinary achievement in the 1980’s which really led the way for how complex models should be simplified for practical use.

Since then he has been the lead engineer for Farmax, a product owned and marketed by its namesake company.

Paul’s success and relevance has come through a genuine interest in how farmers and consultants interact with the model and as such has an incredible understanding of how farms operate. Paul is never satisfied; he is always looking at farmer’s feedback exploring ways to elegantly turn weaknesses in the UI into strength.

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The Rezare programming team

We are fortunate to be able to draw on over 14 developers within the Rezare team. Only with these skilled people are we able to contain the background complexity into this plug and play solution. We are sure you will agree it just seems too simple – well done Rezare team.

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